Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone

I firmly believe the statement I made in the title of this post…and I’m desperately reminding myself of it daily! 
I have accepted a one year contract to work in Saudi Arabia! After multiple interviews through the staff at Johns Hopkins and the Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore, my name was sent, along with others, to the family in KSA. I was chosen and an offer was made. I initially turned it down as it wasn’t the package that I was looking for to pack up my life and move away. As a little background, I have a lovely life here in South Florida and a great caseload of clients. I am in no rush to leave! I negotiated with my contact in KSA and we came to an agreement that I couldn’t turn down. To sweeten the deal, income is tax free over there and all of my housing and expenses will be covered. Plus, the family I will be working for travels quite a bit and I get to join them!

After accepting the offer, I provided the documentation required to my contact in KSA and then began to wait. It took a few months to obtain the employment visa but once obtained the family wanted me almost immediately! I received news that the permit was issued yesterday and they asked me to come to Riyadh the last week in June! And they want me to fit in a week of training at the Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore! 

As I needed some time to transition my clients and see family before leaving, I asked to push the arrival to the second week of July. They were very accommodating so I am booked to be in Baltimore for the week starting 23 June, then a week in CT then on to Riyadh!
That leaves me a few weeks here in Florida which doesn’t seem like anywhere near enough time. Not that I really need time…its just very bittersweet to leave. I will really miss some great friends!
I am looking forward to a grand adventure and want to share it so I plan to keep a blog. I hope that it will allow me to maintain a connection to home and provide some entertainment to everyone! Please feel free to comment and post as I go along. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts!

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