Visa joy

I am currently going through the process of acquiring a visa. It is required that I sign a form agreeing to abide by the laws of Saudi Arabia and it proceeds to list these laws.  Check them out, the death penalty is mentioned…it is a bit intimidating!

Saudi Laws.pdf
var docstoc_docid=’171143457′; var docstoc_title=’Saudi Laws.pdf’; var docstoc_urltitle=’Saudi Laws.pdf’;

4 thoughts on “Visa joy

  1. My mom went to S. A. to do a diagnosis for a prominent family there. Because she was a woman, she was not allowed to go out in public without her male escort. He brought her to her hotel and before leaving he asked her, “You wan go cut head?” She didn't understand so she asked for clarification. Someone had been caught with marijuana. There was a public decapitation that evening and the driver wanted to know if my mom was interested in watching.

    You do not have my permission to get executed while you're there, Sage. Y'know, just in case you were wondering. 😉


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