Employment Authorization

My contract and employment authorization arrived yesterday. The funny part is that the authorization could be for anything…the funnier part is that it is for “Domestic Manager.” Glorified housekeeper, anyone? I’m thinking you all need to watch for me on Downton Abbey, KSA edition in the near future.

Joking aside, it is a little worrisome but I did receive an email stating that this was to “facilitate” obtaining the authorization in Saudi and that it has no bearing on my contract. And my contract does, in fact, state that I am contracted as a CBA and then proceeds to spell out job duties that are commensurate with that title. So I think I’m ok.
Additionally, I have to submit this authorization with my visa application in addition to all documents supporting my career. Does it seem a bit odd that I’m submitting diplomas for bachelors and masters degrees and a copy of my board certification for my role as a domestic manager? Or is that just me?
Always an adventure here! I’m still living the dream, just relocating it eastward for a while. 

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