My Crossfit folks rock!

Tomrrow may be my last day at Crossfit PBA. This great group of people has pushed and supported me to become stronger than I have ever been. I have enjoyed almost every minute, and that is saying a lot for a girl who hates the gym! We have shared a lot of laughs, some tears and quite a few grunts, yells and cuss words! I will miss these people every day and know that they will be waiting with open arms to kick my ass when I return to the states!

There is one Crossfit box in KSA, it happens to be in Riyadh and is an all female affiliate. I hope it is close to where I’ll be living so I can continue to maintain my fitness. 
And tomorrow, I get one last WOD with my two favorite movements. Hang power cleans and kettlebell swings. Well programmed SJ!
Thank you guys for getting every morning off to a great start.

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