First official day

My alarm went off at 8:30 this morning and it felt like a rude awakening.  I never sleep this late…but my body thought it was 1:30 am and wasn’t pleased! I have decided that I need to look for an abaya with pockets. I have tried to put things into my pockets multiple times and keep bumping up against the dang thing. I am not sure they make them this way but it is at the top of my list while shopping tomorrow. Additionally, I tripped over it a few more times today. I’m in contact with an expat over here and he sent me this, it is perfect!

I went out this morning with Adnan to see my villa and the school and palace.  The school is beautiful and well equipped. My student has his own kitchen, classrooms, dining area and outside leisure space.
Additionally, I will have an office in the school and there is a staff kitchen and lounge area.  The palace is where my client has his gymnasium, workout room and pool.  It is an incredible place.  Each member of the household has a villa and they are all decorated independently. And the furnishings are a mix between Middle Eastern decor, western styles and very modern styles.  I desperately wanted to take photos but am not certain that is allowed.  I will feel it out as I go.  
I was able to take photos of my villa.  It is quite large and two bedrooms which is great as I have discovered that my parents can come to visit on a tourist visit since I will be a resident here.  We are all pleased by that news and even better that they can room with me.  My villa is quite nice, the compound I’m not sure of yet. It is secure and clean and has a lovely pool and well equipped gym which is pleasing.  But, the rest of it is sort of weird (game room, mini market, hair salon…not sure I will be using any of those) Oh well, the pool and gym are important to me. And the indoor squash court is nice, also. May have to take up a new sport. I think it is similar to racquetball which I enjoy.  
Two extra ticks in the plus column for my villa, it has a back patio and a washer and dryer! After hauling around my laundry and a roll of quarters in college, I said never again. I haven’t lived anywhere since that didn’t have my own. Realtors have laughed at me when I told them that was one of my deal breakers!  
Guest room

Guest en-suite bath, mine is the same. They both have bidets, I didn’t bother capturing that

Upstairs hall way, that is light from the skylight. The whole villa is spacious and filled with natural light. 

Master room

Master room

Guest room

Dining area. Apparently I am going to host parties

Washer/Dryer to the right just out of the photo

Living room, is open to the dining area and there is a patio out through that large door

My entertainment center

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