Interesting things

I wanted to share a fun experience that I had the other day.  I joined up with my client and his staff for a trip to the grocery store and it was different than anything I have ever experienced. Firstly, we were 4 cars and a cast of thousands.  My car carrying myself and my driver, my client’s car with him, his driver, his personal care assistant and  a security guy, the speech language pathologist in his car and an SUV with 4 security guys in it. We pull right up to the front of the grocery store and all get out and head in.  People are falling over themselves to hold the doors open for us.  Then we shop around as a group, pay and head back out to the cars.

My personal shopping experience wasn’t quite as luxurious but it was still much different than in the states. Whereas the Publix baggers offer to help you to your car (in CT they don’t even do that), here they took my jitneys (I had 2 since I was provisioning my house,) loaded everything onto the checkout belt, reloaded them and pushed them outside for me to wait for my driver. Two guys pushed wagons, a third came along to help. When my driver then went to the underground garage, they pushed the carriages back inside and down the escalator then proceeded to load all of my supplies into the car.  I was going to tip them 10 SAR each which is approximately $2.50 USD. My driver said this was too much, tip them 5 SAR each which is about $1.25. I could easily get used to the level of service here! People are much more courteous and helpful than in the states.

I have been exploring my compound a little bit and am pleased with it for the most part.  The pool is gorgeous and the gym is well fitted out.  Additionally, the mini market is fairly well provisioned with necessities plus some fun extras like ice cream and chocolate bars 🙂

The astro turf looks pretty crappy but apparently it keeps the surrounding area cool enough to walk on. Any hard surface gets too hot in our balmy 115 degree daily temp!

This is my front “yard.” I have a tiny patio to the left of the door. A bigger one out back

Security cameras in the office.  That is our gate, it has armed soldiers and a security guy. Plus the barriers. Somewhat intimidating but better safe than sorry, I guess.

This is my client’s schedule during Ramadan. Note the times along the left hand edge. Everything starts and ends later due to the 15 hours of fasting that is being done by the staff members throughout the day. They stay up late and eat because they can’t eat past 3:30 am until they break fast at 6:30 pm.

4 thoughts on “Interesting things

  1. Sage – fascinating read – all of your entries leading up to this most recent one. What an incredible experience! It's great you're so adventuresome – it'll make it all that much more fun. Enjoy every minute!


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