Hospitality here

I am constantly impressed by the level of hospitality shown here.  My driver unloads my grocery cart onto the belt, pushes it to the car, unloads groceries into the trunk and then brings them into the house for me when I arrive home. When my colleague and I arrive at the school building, a member of the staff brings us a drinks assortment. Doors are always opened and people are very welcoming and friendly.

I have had to get used to shifting down a few gears but find it to be an incredibly pleasant change from the states where everything often feels rushed. I am able to have great working discussions with my colleagues and really have the opportunity to get to know my client without worrying about billable hours. I had many clients at home who had a team in place and I remember being discouraged that it wasn’t legit for the team to meet and bill hours for that time. How can a team work together without having time to meet, discuss ideas and share successes and failures? Some of our best work came from team meetings and brainstorming sessions. Or even some long phone calls with parents where we bounced ideas back and forth. None of which insurance companies considered legit enough work to pay for.

Here we are are able to meet, share ideas, make plans and then meet again after implementation to discuss what worked and what changes need to be made to keep making progress.  It is a luxury and I could easily get spoiled.

My impending trip to Europe doesn’t hurt, either! We are booked to fly to the UK August 4 and traveling on from there. No dates or locations for future travels yet. I haven’t been to London in ages and am looking forward to being back. Plus some friends will be in the area and I plan to meet up with them. Also looking forward to an opportunity to get some kiting in. I miss the ocean!

Drinks tray at school. I had a full sugar Pepsi for the first time in ages…tasted pretty good, not a habit I want to get into!
Quick vid of blowing sand. I’ve been told it gets much worse.

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