Kingdom Centre

Kingdom Centre is a 300 meter high building with a skybridge across the top. Even the elevators to the top are exciting! The literature states that “You are about to take the ride of a lifetime. Your trip to transfer level will last 50 seconds at the end of which you will be at 180 meters above ground level. At this level, you will transfer to a second elevator that will take you to the skybridge. The trip on the second elevator will last less than 40 seconds. The skybridge is an iron structure weighing 300 tons. It is located at 300 meters above ground level.” I visited this last night.

I wouldn’t classify it as the ride of lifetime but the view from the top is fatnastic! You can see the entire city.  I wasn’t allowed to use a real camera but got some good iPhone shots. It is on my list to visit again in the daytime.  Additionally, the whole viewing area is lit up and the colors change so it is incredible from the outside, as well.  It looks like a huge u-shape light and can be seen from a lot of the city as it is so tall. The building contains a mall with stores well beyond my price range. Fun to look!

The traffic moving down below.  Forgive the background noise, it was busy that time of the night in the skybridge
The sign shows the shape of the building well.
The building from a distance
Near distance
Directly underneath
Directly underneath with different lights lit
Sort of a panorama view
Inside the mall
The two major north/south roads of the city, Olaya and King Fahd

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