Camel Trail

I had another incredible hiking trip over the weekend.  We went to an old trail that was used to walk camels down into the valley. It was built many centuries ago and has been well maintained and is an easy hike other than the elevation gain and fairly steep grade. But, it is absolutely gorgeous! It reminds me of Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon in scope. Hard to imagine until you have seen it.  Additionally, the scope is hard to represent in photographs without some form of reference so I made sure to get people in as many photos as possible. You will see that I have circled some of  them in red in the photos because they are so small, relative to the scale of the landscape, that you would have difficulty spotting them otherwise.Papa B there are geocaches here! I am so disappointed that I don’t have a good gps. May purchase one while in London so I can hunt when I return. Please make recommendations on one for me, thanks!

It is as steep as it looks
Hard to understand the size of this wall but you will see it in its entirety in  later photo
Can you find waldo at the top middle?
He’s a bit easier to see in this one
And zoomed in a bit more
I am dreaming of climbing in this chimney
Top of the chimney, looking straight up
This was dizzying to look down on
Waldo is circled in red on this one
And again, this provides some idea of perspective

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