Fair warning, this post has some really interesting photos but they may be a bit disturbing to some people.
To begin, on a recent trip into the desert, we passed through a very industrial area that had oil rigs (are they called rigs on land or only when at sea?) and they were flaring, which was quite interesting to see. We also passed huge amounts of garbage that appear to have been hauled out there and dumped. Similar to our dumps but rather than massive mountains all in one spot, these are many small piles.
But, we missed our turn by a bit and ended up finding an animal boneyard. We aren’t entirely sure what we stumbled upon. There were quite a few carcasses and some of them clearly didn’t arrive there under their own steam. It was comprised of goats and sheep and at least one horse.  What I can’t figure out is why the goats and sheep weren’t eaten. It is clear that they were left there intact. Maybe they were ill? Anyway, it isn’t really as gruesome as it sounds and it made for some pretty interesting photos. I took quite a few and have included many of them here.  Additionally, we brought back a few horns that are beautiful and have become a part of my home decor.
Oil refinery flaring in the distance
Date farm
Junk yard
More junk
Flat screen tvs
Another side of the pile of tvs
cave 3 052
So, he has a rope around his hips. Don’t think he walked here that way…
cave 3 051
You can see that, due to the heat, things mummify more than rot here. It was a little stinky but not too bad.
A spine
Another goat
These plants have little, round melons growing on them.
The following photos are of sculptures made out of oil barrels
cave 3 116cave 3 117cave 3 118

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