Le Chateau

I haven’t posted in a while and have a lot to share.  I think tonight will just be photos of the restaurant that I went.  Firstly, I am terrifically pleased with the people in my compound.  I specifically didn’t want to be placed in an American compound here as it seemed rather boring.  Especially as the majority of my friends in the states aren’t from the states. I figured I didn’t need to travel this far to meet a bunch of Americans.  So, this one leaves something to be desired in terms of size and amenities but it has a nice mix of people. I am really pleased to have fallen in with a fun group!  It consists of folks from the UK, Mexico, India, Venezuela, Canada and South Korea.Tonight we went to dinner at a restaurant named Le Chateau. As I am sure you guessed…it is Chinese and Italian food…haha, this is not surprising in Saudi. Anyway, we ate on the second floor, which is Chinese food but we had a tour afterword to see the entire restaurant as it has many different themed rooms.  We passed through the Italian kitchen and they were making homemade pasta and hanging it to dry. Yum!

The restaurant is one of those incredible experiences that you won’t have in too many places. Maybe Vegas or Dubai. It is over the top in so many ways. It is huge, and every room and hallway is different and more exotic than the last.  I can’t begin to imagine what it cost to build. And tonight is a weekend night here and it was practically empty of customers yet still full of staff. Cheap labor wins the day here!

Tomorrow night is the party at the US Embassy. It is a Hawaiian Luau theme and promises to be a lot of fun but you aren’t allowed cameras or phones in the embassy so I won’t have any photos of that one.  It will be a properly fitted out party, though, which will be a nice treat.

Main dining area, had these huge chess pieces around, no idea why.
This light fixture is incredible, it is probably 10 feet long.
This is the top of it.
This is the bottom. It is hanging glass balls
They bring you a basket so your bag doesn’t sit on the floor
Outside, from the back. I don’t have the front, wish I did as it was reflective glass tiles in green and purple set in a diamond pattern
Entry way is to the side, this is some of us walking in, well adorned in our abayas, of course.
Part of the main dining area. The central section is a sushi bar
The below ground level bar. These are giant drinks containers with spigots on them. You can order them with a multitude of flavors of sparkling fruit punch!
One of the dining rooms. It is hard to see but the seats each have a lambs wool draped over them and the table is marble
You walk through a British red telephone box (complete with phone) to get to one of the rooms
I have been told that each of the WC’s is different. I only felt the need to visit one.
Each dish came out on a warmer which was nice
I love this room.  The table is stunning and the wall had a large map of the world cast in metal. It was quite pretty
Part of the downstairs bar area. The cars are billiard tables and the purple fans are spinning, no idea why, I think just decorative
These are both the escalator in the entry way

Playing video games in the downstairs bar. It was fun, they were all set on free play! 

Yet another dining table
This housed the elevator
More video games!
In addition the chess pieces were these large horse sculptures
Still more video games. The motorcycle one was a bit dizzying
Private dining rooms (Saudi ladies can take the veil off in these) that looked like a train. If you put your hand in the lower lit up circles, the doors slid open

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