Diriyah: UNESCO World Heritage Site

Diriyah is a town on the outskirts of Riyadh that was the original home of the Saudi royal family. It happens to be directly behind my compound. I have been meaning to get out there but it has been too, too hot.  I finally took a walk out the other day with friends for about an hour. It was all we could stand with the heat and wearing our non weather appropriate public outfits! There are other areas of Diriyah that we still need to explore so I haven’t checked it off of my list yet but wanted to post a few photos. The architecture is really incredible, especially when you realize that it was built by hand, out of mud!  If you want the background on Diriyah, here is the link.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diriyah

Rockin my abaya and headscarf in 111 degrees!
Again, my stunner of a summer outfit! I bought one the other day that pulls on over my head, rather than snaps all the way down the front. This way I don’t have to worry so much about indecent exposure when I wear shorts and a tank underneath. I was having some moments when the snaps popped open with legs hanging out!!!
I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated with the garbage here…
In the background on the left is one of the security gates at the entrance to my compound
The buildings are falling into disrepair. Typically the outer layer of mud would be maintained, you can see the mud bricks underneath
The date farms are incredibly lush, and they appear even more so in contrast to the surroundings
These were defense positions for the old city
Again, disrepair but I like the opportunity to see the construction. The roof is thatched with skinny sticks…from where they came, I have no idea as there doesn’t appear to be anything other than date palms here in the way of trees.
Holes to shoot through in the main wall
The view through one of the holes
Same hole, stepped back
This huge flag is in one of my landmarks in the city. Despite having a driver, I have learned my way around pretty well. Sometimes I hire a driver so my employer doesn’t know everything that I do or I will go out with friends and I have to be able to get myself home. There are a number of very unique architectural features in Riyadh that work well as landmarks. This one is easy to see from the main road and is near my compound.  I know to look for my exit when I see it.
I love this huge wall around the city

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