Quad Riding and a Camel Camp

I finally got the opportunity to ride quads in the desert! They weren’t the most powerful bikes but it was fun anyhow.  A group of us went out to ride and then had a picnic. After riding we went to a camel camp, yup, more camels! Sorry for all of the camel photos in the last two blogs, they just crack me up!
This camel experience included trying camel milk. I won’t be having it again, blech! And it was warm…I drank it straight from the camel! I have been offered it before from a bowl but haven’t been entirely sure how long it may have been sitting in the bowl nor how clean the bowl was…you will understand my hesitancy about cleanliness when you look at my photos of the camp. So, this shepherd (offered) convinced me to try it direct and I figured it was the freshest and cleanest I would ever get.  It has a fairly strong taste and is thicker than cows milk. Add in the warm factor and I am all set for this to be a one time thing. He also let me try milking the camel, I was terrible at it.  I got a few squirts out but if I ever had to fill a bucket, it would be a long day!
A quad rental guy’s tent
This is how they make fences in the desert in Saudi, and yes, you can move them as easily at it appears!
Camel camp
This guy was calling for attention. He got quiet as soon as we got closer
I came across this while riding in the desert. Unfortunately, I wasn’t near any of my friends at the time, would have been fun to get a photo of someone posed on it
Our breakfast after riding
Me, attempting to milk. This shepherd got a little close, I bailed shortly thereafter on this experience
I’ve had better moments but it makes a good story!
A sculpture alongside the road. It is huge. Not sure what it represents and don’t really know what anything is other than the hand and sword
Our group on the bus, taken with Sophie’s selfie stick, great toy!
More odd desert detritus
Sophie and her selfie stick!
This photo and the one above show this girl chewing. Their mouths move side to side, it is hysterical
Devin getting some attention. They all come over to the fence when people are near
More of the camp
The shepherd and one of his ladies
Don’t remember what was happening stage left but it was clearly interesting!
I put my hand in there after he showed me this. The camel just kind of gnaws on it, doesn’t bite at all but does sort of pull your hand in farther and farther. Feels funny
Bed and storage unit…
The guy’s sleeping area
Hence my worries about the cleanliness of the milk bowls
Not much better close up
This shepherd also had goats with the longest ears I have ever seen
Check out these eyelashes!
Me on my quad. This dune is a lot steeper than it appears in the photo. You can see how many runs we made trying to get to the top. Never happened
My friend held his go pro out and a camel went in for a taste

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