Chop Chop Square and some miscellaneous fun photos

On my list of things to do in Riyadh at some point was to visit Deera Square. Dubbed chop chop square, this is the place where corporal punishments and executions are carried out.  Recently, these punishments have been held in locations outside of Riyadh due to increased human rights concerns so there has not been one here since I have arrived.  Apparently, after an execution, the area gets hosed down by a maintenance guy and the day goes on with people walking about in the square as usual.
My friend Sophie at the edge of the square for scale gives you a good idea of the size of it. They were washing it the day we visited
You can see the grates around the edges for drainage
I stepped over these rather than on them, which is silly in retrospect but they creeped me out a bit.
Bad job
Far side of the square
Following are a few photos of things that I found interesting, unique or otherwise entertaining here in the city. Almost every day I see something that I want to take a photo of.  Unfortunately, I am often in the car and can’t snap fast enough. Additionally, many times, I have to take sneak photos so I don’t offend anyone. Hence the poor quality of some of the photos or videos. 
Can’t see this truck selling terrifically well in the states
This was part of the group at a Christmas party I attended. We were testing out a new selfie stick!
This is from the salt flats, I posted about them before but just recently got sent this photo from a friend. I liked the abayas flapping in the breeze

My friend took this next series of photos of a traffic jam. I love how cars literally go any direction they please here.  It is all about negotiating through. There are traffic lights at large intersections here but they are somewhat optional. Recently, cameras have been installed at some of the busiest ones so those are followed. Option you will see people slow down then continue through a red light. Additionally, left turns are often made from right hand lanes in front of multiple lanes of traffic. And, most intersections on small roads don’t have any form of traffic signal, you just slow down, look and keep going if no one else is approaching the four way. If someone else is approaching, you speed up to beat them!

This is a sandstorm day. Looks like fog
This is the Riyadh golf course. I have been playing a little bit lately. It is lovely, I go abaya free and play a sport, not something that happens often here. I even ate in the cafe area in golf togs, no abaya. Even better, when I played on a warm day, I wore my Palm Beach golf togs, skort and short sleeve top in sorbet orange, felt very risque!
This is part of a display in the Masmak Museum. I won’t make any comments but please read it. I am sure most of you will appreciate my reasons for posting it.

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