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I want to hear from people who have lived or spent significant time in another country. The refund/exchange policies here kill me. I want to know if we are spoiled in the states or its if it just insane here.

 Generally you have two days to return or seven days to exchange. This is not much time, especially without a car or fitting rooms in stores. 

Anyway, I bought two humidifiers a few days ago and, upon setting them up, realize that one is defunct. Worse, it appears to have been already used. So, some jerk knew it didn’t work and put it back on the shelf! Anyway, I have my driver bring me back and they immediately give me a new one…but no new receipt.

As I’m already four days into the seven day window, I ask for a new receipt showing today’s date. No go. So I make them fill it with water and test it for me. I haven’t made any friends at Saco today, but my driver is happy we won’t have to make another trip out to this store. 

So please chime in about whether this is a very tight window for exchange or if I’m just spoiled. Additionally, what option does one have in the absence of a new receipt? I think I’m going to begin making stores test any electronic product that I buy from this point on. Returning is too much of a headache

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