This post is well overdue. Sardinia was gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I wanted to share a few photos as it was lovely. I don’t have too much to write as we spent the 10 days either on the beach or eating…perfect relaxing trip but not too exciting to read about! The weather was about 80-85 every day and the humidity was at about 50% it was perfect weather. So much of it reminded me of South Florida, it made me a bit homesick.

Desert Diamond Day 012
Desert Diamond Day 008 The bougainvillea was gorgeous. It is one of my favorites from SoFlo. That color is gorgeous against the stucco
Desert Diamond Day 022
Of course there will always be a door or a window. Love this little one with the blue trim
Desert Diamond Day 059
Life wasn’t hard there!
Desert Diamond Day 062
We went out fishing one day and these buildings are being built on an uninhabitated island. Not sure exactly what their purpose is.
Desert Diamond Day 065
Closer of the funny buildings.
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2319
My first flight on a private jet. Gulfstream G550. I could get used to it…
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2347
From the hotel window
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2355
I easily gained a few kilos here…food was incredible
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2361
This was one of the hotel pools, it is hard to see but it is an infinity pool, with stones in it, and the ocean in the back
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2373
A view from dinner one evening
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2376
This tree is alive, not sure why it grew in this direction rather than up but it was interesting
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2379
Cheeses at a local market, mmmmm

Desert Diamond Day 011 Desert Diamond Day 017 Desert Diamond Day 020 Desert Diamond Day 026 Desert Diamond Day 044 Desert Diamond Day 071 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2325 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2329 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2333 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2363 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2371 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2375 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2394

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2411
Cork tree

These next photos are from one of the villas at the hotel. They it was pretty luxurious. Three fireplaces, one in the sitting area, one in the bedroom and one outside on the patio by the private pool

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2417
I loved this feauture. They all had grass growing on the roof and stairs to get up there. Plus outdoor chairs that you could bring up
iPhone photos 7-15-15 2420
A better look at the stairs

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2396 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2397 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2398 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2399 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2400 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2408   iPhone photos 7-15-15 2422 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2426 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2431

We stayed in the village of Porto Cervo, the Costa Smerelda, or Emerald Coast. The water was a beautiful green color many days

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2434
This is the center of the village, it had posh shops and restaurants

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2439 iPhone photos 7-15-15 2442

I got bounced off the jet on the way back and had to fly commercial…with waaaayyy too many suitcases. My employer’s extra cases went with us due to space considerations on the jet…Mind you this was only a 10 day trip…ludicrous and embarrassing to have all those cases. I couldn’t even get them all in the photo. It was myself and two colleagues and 22 cases. In the tiny little Olbia airport. We busied up an entire queue for the duration of that flight check in. Everyone else on the plane had to use the other one. I plan to mention that I won’t be that girl again before the next trip.

iPhone photos 7-15-15 2443

Truck model names that would never fly in the U.S.

We have all of the common vehicle makes here but the model names are a lot different! One of the most popular Nissan car models is the Sunny, it looks like an Altima. But, the truck model names can be downright hysterical. I have taken photos because I didn’t think anyone would believe me otherwise. 


wonder what differentiates this Deer from the Super Deer in the earlier photo?

Driving me demented…

There are a few things here that almost put me over the edge. I think I have some OCD tendencies. But, the quality control here is just abysmal. I don’t know how stuff like this happens!


This tile covers a large floor. I noticed two like this
This is about five tiles in from a doorway, in the middle of the room. even worse is that there is another half tile in a corner. so, with a bit of planning, this border could have been perfect
Baby iceberg…hmmm
God Bl ees you
This happens all the time. They leave the plaatic and stickers on cars to make them appear new. even the sheet of plastic on the hood.
When I first moved in I had to peel all of the plastic protection film off of everything! The chrome in the bathrooms, the screens on the remote controls for TV and all air con units, and the lampshades! 


One of these is mislabeled…or horribly gone bad!!!
They often even leave the plastic on the car seats. Imagine the joy of sitting on plastic, whilst wearing an abaya in 115° weather. It deosn’t matter how high the AC is cranked, you sweat!
The film is still on the TV screens in the back seats of my clients Mercedes and the tag is hanging off it.
Wouldn’t want that wooden handle to get dinged up!


One of my favorite foods here is the sambosa. Many of you will recognize its very similar cousin, the samosa. It originated in the Middle East and is a savory stuffed pastry. They are triangle shaped and filled with seasoned minced meat and finely chopped onions. Then they are fried, mmm, delicious!

Today I was lucky enough to have a lesson with one of the palace chefs to learn how to make them. The strip of pastry is thinner than a sheet of paper and about 8 inches long. You roll a funnel shape at one end, stuff in some filling then fold it over on itself a few times to make the triangle shape. Then you take a bit of flour and water paste and seal the tag end. You have to put the correct amount of filling and fold it well to seal all the corners or it fills with oil when frying. 

It is really an art form. Kabir, the chef, was patient with me and I mastered it after about 10 tries…but man am I slow! I wouldn’t live long enough to make them for a party! I think he could fold them in his sleep. He does it without even really looking, he has done so many. 
 The photos are funny, you can see how hard I am focusing by my expressions.