One of my favorite foods here is the sambosa. Many of you will recognize its very similar cousin, the samosa. It originated in the Middle East and is a savory stuffed pastry. They are triangle shaped and filled with seasoned minced meat and finely chopped onions. Then they are fried, mmm, delicious!

Today I was lucky enough to have a lesson with one of the palace chefs to learn how to make them. The strip of pastry is thinner than a sheet of paper and about 8 inches long. You roll a funnel shape at one end, stuff in some filling then fold it over on itself a few times to make the triangle shape. Then you take a bit of flour and water paste and seal the tag end. You have to put the correct amount of filling and fold it well to seal all the corners or it fills with oil when frying. 

It is really an art form. Kabir, the chef, was patient with me and I mastered it after about 10 tries…but man am I slow! I wouldn’t live long enough to make them for a party! I think he could fold them in his sleep. He does it without even really looking, he has done so many. 
 The photos are funny, you can see how hard I am focusing by my expressions.  

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