Driving me demented…

There are a few things here that almost put me over the edge. I think I have some OCD tendencies. But, the quality control here is just abysmal. I don’t know how stuff like this happens!


This tile covers a large floor. I noticed two like this
This is about five tiles in from a doorway, in the middle of the room. even worse is that there is another half tile in a corner. so, with a bit of planning, this border could have been perfect
Baby iceberg…hmmm
God Bl ees you
This happens all the time. They leave the plaatic and stickers on cars to make them appear new. even the sheet of plastic on the hood.
When I first moved in I had to peel all of the plastic protection film off of everything! The chrome in the bathrooms, the screens on the remote controls for TV and all air con units, and the lampshades! 


One of these is mislabeled…or horribly gone bad!!!
They often even leave the plastic on the car seats. Imagine the joy of sitting on plastic, whilst wearing an abaya in 115° weather. It deosn’t matter how high the AC is cranked, you sweat!
The film is still on the TV screens in the back seats of my clients Mercedes and the tag is hanging off it.
Wouldn’t want that wooden handle to get dinged up!

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