Geocaching and desert diamonds

This is an old post that I wrote and forgot to publish. This was when I still lived in Riyadh. But, I found it and like some of the photos so I thought I would post even though it is out of date. I am happy to report that I have met great people here in Jeddah who also like to get out on the weekends and play. I have a group of kite-surfers who catch every windy weekend and then another group of friends who I hike or beach with if there isn’t any wind. Below is the old post.

I have met some new adventure people and am getting back out into the desert on the weekends. Even better, one of the guys is a geocacher so I am having a blast hunting down caches with him. So far I have hunted 10 and found nine.  I found peridot crystals at one, desert diamonds at another and fossils at a third. The caches are fun but the best part about them is that they get you out to somewhere that you may never have explored otherwise. We have been to an old fort and also to an abandoned mud house.

Next on my list is to create my own cache.  I have acquired the supplies and have a location in mind, I am hoping to get out there tomorrow to make sure that it is far enough away from another cache that is in the general vicinity. Then I will plant it. I dug out some of the US coins that I had floating around here and am going to start leaving those in the caches. We recently found a travel bug that started in South Wales and has made its way here so that is kind of fun. My friend Bill took that one as he will head home to St. Louis in a few weeks so it will travel to yet another continent. I am hoping to be in the states soon with work and will order some travel bugs if I do. It is fun to see them move around.

Desert Diamond Day 072 Desert Diamond Day 073 Desert Diamond Day 074 Desert Diamond Day 075 Desert Diamond Day 076 Desert Diamond Day 077 Desert Diamond Day 078 Desert Diamond Day 079 Desert Diamond Day 080 Desert Diamond Day 081 Desert Diamond Day 082 Desert Diamond Day 083 Desert Diamond Day 084 Desert Diamond Day 085 Desert Diamond Day 086 Desert Diamond Day 087 Desert Diamond Day 088 Desert Diamond Day 089 IMG_7562 IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7566 IMG_7569 IMG_7570 IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7576 IMG_7577 IMG_7578 IMG_7579 IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7582 IMG_7583 IMG_7596Geocaching 001 Geocaching 002 Geocaching 003 Geocaching 004 Geocaching 005 Geocaching 006 Geocaching 007 Geocaching 008 Geocaching 009 Geocaching 010 Geocaching 011 Geocaching 012 Geocaching 013 Geocaching 014 Geocaching 015 Geocaching 016 Geocaching 017 Geocaching 018 Geocaching 019 Geocaching 020 Geocaching 021 Geocaching 022 Geocaching 023 Geocaching 024 Geocaching 025 Geocaching 026 Geocaching 027 Geocaching 028 Geocaching 029 Geocaching 030

2 thoughts on “Geocaching and desert diamonds

  1. So, is a cache something someone has hidden prior? Is it not like a “needle in a haystack” thing or do you have clues on where they might be from former treks?


    • It’s hidden previously and you get the latitude and longitude coordinates to it. So a handheld gps will take you within hailing range of it but then you are searching for the hiding spot at that point. It’s fun and all over the world. My parents have friends that do it all the time. Mom joins them a lot


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