Tough Life

This post doesn’t have much value, I just needed a place to think out loud. Feel free to not waste your time on it 😁 

Those of you who know me well, know that while my head wants wings, my heart wants roots. I’m rather a reluctant nomad. 
I love experiencing new things and pushing to the edge of my comfort zone, but at the same time, I really enjoy my home (wherever it may be at the moment,) my family and friends and my tiny dog. Because I live so far from “home,” my friends become like family. These relationships bring me joy and comfort. I am good at finding happiness in life and I enjoy most every day, life is too short not to.

That being said, at great risk of sounding like an ungrateful witch, I am struggling a little bit with my summer travel plans. In less than a week, I leave my home for just over 11 weeks. While I am really excited for the opportunity to travel extensively and have some new experiences (plus a luxuriously light work schedule) I am feeling conflicted, rather than joyful. 

It’s a sucky feeling and not one I have often. I’m generally really good at changing my situation if I don’t like it, rather than stewing around in discontent. (First world problems!)
But, this is the conflict: I’m excited for the adventure and yet feeling a little lonely already. I surely am not willing to pass up this opportunity, and yet know that there will be some stretches of homesickness. So, I don’t have any good ideas regarding how to feel less unsettled right now. 
I’ve sort of toyed with the “embrace the feelings” idea but that isn’t really me. If I don’t like something, I change it, I don’t swim around in the suckage. So I’m a bit stuck 😂

Fortunately, I’ll be seeing my family and some great friends along the way and I’m focusing on that. If anyone wants summer travel, I’m looking for company. I have double occupancy hotel rooms in some fabulous places. Join me for some fun!

One of the great joys, and also greatest sadnesses, in my life, is having amazing relationships with people on multiple continents. It is so much fun to catch up with people, but I’m forever having to say “see you later” to someone. 

Anyway, I hope that many of you will cross my path this summer. I am looking forward to the catching up parts, trying not to think about the see you later parts. And the reunion with friends and my tiny dog in the fall will be all the sweeter for having been away for an extended time. I wish everyone a safe and joy filled summer. Hugs, Sage

Another small luxury

As I love to eat, I’m always looking for new foods to try. There are fabulous restaurants, of every variety, in this country. But, there are also some simple, yet delicious, options in the local grocery chain. 

There is a great deli area with loads of olives and pickled everything. Plus meats and so forth. One of the best options is all the fresh cheese. I’ve worked my way through most of them, at this point!
I haven’t tried all of the pickled things yet, and some of them I’m not sure I’m interested in.  I can’t even begin to sort out how one would eat a pickled lemon (or a spicy pickled lemon!) But, it’s fun to look. Check out the bottom photo for the lemons, with skins on. They look soggy and not very appealing.