20 Days in Leb (Part 2)

These photos are of a day trip we took to Jezzine. We walked around the city a bit, had a lovely lunch (I tried the local wine which was cheap and yummy) and then visited the waterfall.

Wikipedia says “Jezzine (Arabicجزين‎‎ Jizzīn) is a town in Lebanon, located 22 km (14 mi) from Sidon and 40 km (25 mi) south of Beirut.[1] It is the capital of Jezzine District. Surrounded by mountain peaks, pine forests (like the Bkassine Pine Forest), and at an average altitude of 950 m (3,117 ft), it is the main summer resort and tourist destination of South Lebanon. The town is also famous in Lebanon for its production of handmade, traditional cutlery and daggers with decorative inlays as well as the shrine of Our Lady of the Waterfall”

​A bit of the drive up. This gives you a good idea of the smaller towns in Leb. I haven’t posted photos of just regular things yet, only the touristic areas so this is a nice change. I have many more videos of driving through the countryside and into the mountains, I will post them at a different time.

This is a delicious snack, it is fresh bread and they slice it open and put cheese or zatar inside.




The waterfall is 90 meters (295 feet.) It was difficult to get all of it in one photo and capture the beauty. Farther down you will see a full shot, but it isn’t as pretty as the closer shots

Lunch with a view, Leb offers a lot of this. 



The entire thing







img_3083 .  img_3082img_0885

My friend, and photographer, Jamil. All photos of me (including “selfies”) and many of the other photos, are all credit to Jamil. 
Because it is so pretty




This is a silly photo I took in town. I liked these guys all lined up. Not sure if they are big ducks or geese.
A few of my favorite things, tabouleh, shanklish, warak einab, hommous, kibbeh, and sambousek 



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