Nothing wasted here…

I have posted some of the things that I see in the grocery stores here but haven’t put these photos up yet.

When I see this stuff, I can’t help but wonder what American chicken processing plants do with all these parts? Are they wasted? It seems a shame if they are edible to be wasting food…but I just cannot see most Americans eating them. The feet I think happens in the south but the other parts, I don’t think so.

Please chime in if you have eaten any of these delicate bits of chickens. I’d love to know how, when and where. I am a good food taster (lambs brain was probably the weirdest one) so I would try these if offered. But, I’d have to be literally starving to fix them at home.

And I’d be curious to know about strange foods that people have tasted. I had camel milk squirted straight from the camel into my mouth, that one made for some funny photos! And octopus with ink sauce was a tough one for me to get down. But I am pretty flexible about giving things a try.

One of the only things that I have encountered that I just couldn’t do was the fresh cows blood and warm milk combo that the Masai people in Tanzania offered to us. I get queasy just thinking about it. They milked a cow into a dried gourd and then shot an arrow into an artery in the cows neck (cow doesn’t die, I’m still not sure how they figured this trick out) and let the blood stream into the gourd with the milk. They give it a shake and a swirl and drink it down. No one in our group was up for trying it.

The hearts are bite size 🙈

4 thoughts on “Nothing wasted here…

  1. Chicken livers are delicious fried or as a pate. I think my grandmother use the chicken feet possibly in soup…I’m not sure.


    • Now that you mention it, I’ve heard of chicken liver pate. The feet look awful but I can’t imagine they taste like much. Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of meat on them.


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