Lush villa evening

The staff at our villa is very attentive and the chef is fabulous. We have enjoyed every minute of the luxury part of our trip.

Last night they decorated for Tarik’s surprise proposal. It was gorgeous and Zeina did not see it coming! We spent the evening in enjoying dinner, drinks and the ocean and pool.

Panos got excited about opening the post proposal bottle of champagne!The boy band Tarik working the bar on his big day, still pretending that we were celebrating Sara and Ahmed’s a recent wedding and Sam and Tami’s recent engagement.The staff lit citronella oil lamps in pits in the sand. Below is Mike finding his zen place. Fresh coconuts with a splash of Malibu

The following photos are the religious shrines at our villa. I find them charming and couldn’t help but take a few photos.

Below is just one of the small luxuries that our villa provides. Every day they light candles in small scented oil burners in each of our rooms. The scent varies but is so pleasant to come “home” to.

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