Back to Lebanon ❤️

I’m behind in my summer travel update. I went back to Lebanon for nine fabulous days! Saw some great friends and some new places.

The beauty of the country and the absolute commitment to having fun sucks me in every time. And shorts me desperately on sleep! I’m caught up now and currently on Mykonos, a stunningly gorgeous little island! Will try to post photos from here before I leave.

On the balcony of my friend’s grandfather’s house in Hammana. The view from here is fabulous and it’s a bit of a tradition to take a photo on the balcony.

The below three photos are from Harissa looking down onto Jounieh. The traffic is pretty from above…much less so when you are stuck in it!

Beirut went crazy when Germany won the match

The below photos are of عيون السمك (aiyoun al samak or eyes of the fish) it is a small village with a large waterfall. The trip up there was a long and the last stretch of road wasn’t in the best shape but it was pretty and had been on my list for a while.

The above photo and the following ones of food were taken at Hallab. I went with three friends to see the waterfall and we stopped at the original Hallab (yummiest Lebanese treats) restaurant on the way up and had lunch and sweets.

Below are photos of my friend’s uncles “house.” He built himself a castle in Lebanon, complete with suits of armor!

I got to spend an afternoon in the mountains in a Jeep, which is a favorite pastime. My friend’s brother in law owns the Jeep and he set me up on a few good rock climbs to see if I could do it. I think I surprised him! The reality is that the Jeep is geared low so it does the climbing on its own. You just have to steer and be confident enough to hold your course. We also did some shooting. I still suck at hitting clays but I managed to get a few of them. I’m in the wrong attire because I went up to their house for lunch…then ended up joining the boys in the mountains.

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